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Construction Project Management & Monitoring

Construction management – the LAST piece of A SUCCESSFUL BUILDING PROJECT

You have your project specs and drawings all complete and approved. Contractors are lined up and ready to go. Now it’s time to start building! Unfortunately, no matter how simple the project is, construction is full of opportunities for errors and problems. You may have the best contractors in the world. But even the best contractors make mistakes. Without constant construction project management, your project is doomed to fail. The problem is, most building managers and board members don’t have the time and expertise to make sure their projects succeed.

ESS can help prevent construction project failure. Our experienced construction management staff knows where to look for potential issues. We’re up-to-date on local building codes. Let us be your eyes and ears on the job site. We’ll monitor project progress against the schedule.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. No one likes surprises. We’ll make sure you’re aware of any snags as soon as we know. And we’ll let you know the best options for moving forward. 


There are a lot of details in construction projects. It’s almost impossible to avoid oversights altogether. The objective is to catch them before they become big problems. ESS construction project managers catch slip ups quickly. Close up inspection of materials and workmanship by our staff means the job will be done right. You’ll have minimal impact on the project budget or timeline.


The difference between ESS construction project management and that from other firms is our experience. Because our project managers have hands-on construction experience, they know how contractors work. They know where to look for short cuts and material failures. They know how to speak the contractor’s language. Problems and issues are resolved on the spot, whenever possible. 

We also know how to communicate effectively with construction project stakeholders. Our regular progress reports and change notices are written in plain English. We won’t cover up problems with fancy words and technical terms. You’ll know exactly what’s going on, including potential problem resolution. 

Every Project Deserves Professional Construction Project Management.

repair project management

Condo building moisture intrusion assessment

Construction and renovation project management are important. We get it. Those are complex projects. They take months or even years to complete. But what about repair and maintenance projects? Maybe you’re thinking you should just manage those projects with your team. 

Think again. Your team has regular responsibilities that keep them busy full-time. HOA board members have fulltime responsibilities apart from their board duties. So managing a repair project would be an add on. Repair and maintenance projects need the same kind of oversight as big construction projects. Does anyone really have time to do the project management job right? 

That’s where the experienced construction project management team at ESS comes in. We’ll keep an eye on that repair project or maintenance project. You’ll get the same kind of quality materials and workmanship as you’d get on a capital project. We know what it takes and we know how to deliver it. 


Make sure your project is completed properly with construction project management services from ESS.

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