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Balcony and Deck evaluation

Balcony and deck failures cause thousands of injuries each Year.

People in sunny Arizona love their balconies and decks. When the weather is nice, you’ll find us outdoors as much as possible. Decks and balconies allow us to extend our indoor living space to the outdoors. Unfortunately, decks and balconies are prone to issues by their nature. That’s partly because suspending a structure off the ground defies gravity. Add the baking Arizona sun to the mix, and you have a recipe for structural issues. That’s why regular balcony and deck evaluation is so important.

To protect the safety of all residents and guests, building managers should have balconies and decks inspected and evaluated regularly. Homeowners should also schedule regular balcony and deck evaluations. Recommended time intervals between inspections vary depending on the balcony or deck construction. Wood, concrete and steel all weather differently. Factors like waterproofing, connection hardware and railing construction also play a part.

Is your balcony or deck at Risk?

The experienced team at ESS can help you know your risk. We’re experts at determining the viability of elevated balconies and decks. ESS staff is certified by the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) to evaluate your balcony and deck. Our deck and balcony inspections follow standards set by NADRA. We’ll also ensure your balconies and decks comply with local codes and industry construction standards.

There are many different types of materials used to build balconies and decks. ESS staff is proficient at evaluating the condition and construction of all common balcony and deck types. In fact, our team has actually worked on deck and balcony building projects. That means we know exactly where issues can hide. And we know how to fix them if we find them.

Additional benefits of balcony and deck evaluation from ESS

When our inspection reveals issues, you’ll need to make repairs or replace the structure as soon as possible. Having ESS involved in your deck or balcony replacement project can ensure your balcony or deck project will run smoothly from the design process through the end of construction. Our experienced staff can create practical, realistic specs and drawings. Then, we’ll help you find the right contractors. And, finally, we’ll make sure the project is a success by being your eyes and ears during the building phase.


Phoenix condo balcony issues

Condo building balcony and deck assessment

Most apartments, condos and townhomes in the Southwest have outdoor spaces. In many cases, those outdoor spaces are elevated. The challenge for building owners and managers is that residents don’t always pay attention to outdoor structures. Decks and balconies could have issues that go undetected for months – or even years.

Sometimes the damage is normal wear and tear. But sometimes the damage is caused by poor construction methods or materials. The problem is, if you have bad construction in one building, you could easily have it everywhere.

That’s why regular multi-family balcony and deck assessments are important. Our NADRA-certified experts can save your buildings. Catching issues early-on can stop minor issues before they become problems. We have the experience and expertise to save you time and money.

residential deck assessment in Phoenix

residential porch and deck inspection

You know that regular maintenance of your home is important. Paint when it’s time. Seal the driveway. Check the HVAC every season. But most homeowners don’t think about structural integrity issues. 

Even if you treat or paint your deck or balcony regularly, the materials deteriorate over time. Poorly installed footings can heave or drop.  Pressure treated wood doesn’t last forever. Railings can come dangerously loose. Some balconies and decks weren’t installed properly in the beginning. They may start to come away from the house or sag in spots. 

ESS is dedicated to helping homeowners with deck and balcony integrity issues. Our practical, no-nonsense approach will help you understand your risks. We know how to find and fix integrity issues for good.

Let ESS be your partner in keeping your decks and balconies safe.

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