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Although it may be hard to believe, most Arizona buildings will have moisture intrusion issues. Even in the desert, moisture can be a problem. Damage often occurs before anyone discovers the problem. Water can find its way into the smallest opening. Before you know it, you have mold and rot inside walls where you can’t see it. Once you have structural damage caused by moisture, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Symptoms of moisture intrusion include musty odors. You may see black stains on walls and ceilings. There could even be water pooling in a building’s basement or attic. Water can get into your building in obvious ways like broken pipes or foundation cracks. But moisture intrusion doesn’t always come from a specific event. Wind can drive rain into the smallest opening. Roofs can leak without warning.

Regular professional moisture inspections of condos, townhomes and commercial buildings can help detect problems before they become catastrophic. But all moisture assessments are not the same. You need an expert who understands the building and how it’s built. 


Engineering Support Services moisture intrusion experts can help you resolve water infiltration issues quickly and easily. Our extensive experience in construction and building engineering guide this moisture intrusion assessment process.

First, we find the water’s path into your building.

We use a variety of techniques to detect the presence of moisture. Some moisture intrusion detection techniques are non-invasive. For example, we use high-tech tools like infrared moisture detectors to find moisture behind walls. Many moisture intrusion detection companies in the Phoenix area only use non-invasive methods like this.

But not all water leaks can be found with non-invasive moisture detection methods. We’re determined to find the source of any moisture issues. Because of that, we may also need to use more invasive techniques to find water leaks. We may insert a probe meter in walls, floors or ceilings to test for moisture. To do this, we drill small, undetectable holes. These holes are only about 3/16ths of an inch in diameter. You’ll never know they’re there.

Next, we develop repair specs and detailed drawings for fixing issues we find.

Our engineers and architects will analyze the results of our moisture tests. Then, they’ll figure out how to repair your moisture issues for good. They’ll draw up the specifications and detailed drawings contractors will need to fix the water problems.

Finally, we will deliver our no-nonsense report.

Our team will create a report that details the moisture intrusion issues we found. In our report, you’ll find a list of problems and solutions written in plain English. We’ll provide specs and drawings for the solutions. You’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.


With our detailed report in hand, you’re ready to get started on moisture intrusion remediation. Are you a busy building owner or manager? Engineering Support Services can also manage the repair process for you. We’ll find the right contractors. Then, we’ll supervise the project to make sure they do the job right. Learn more about our moisture intrusion repair services by visiting our construction monitoring services page.

Potential moisture intrusion AZ

Condo building moisture intrusion assessment

Moisture issues in condo buildings and town homes can have many causes. You can have leaky cladding. Or homeowners can have pipes burst or other plumbing issues.

Problems like the rotted wall sheathing in this photo can cause structural damage in that area. And that damage can take a lot of money and time to fix. Sounds like a condo community manager’s nightmare.

But when the damage is caused by poor construction methods, you have an even bigger problem on your hands. If you have bad construction in one condo complex building, you could easily have it everywhere. Unless something causes you to look for the moisture damage, you wouldn’t even know it.

That’s why regular moisture intrusion assessments from ESS can save your buildings and your budget. If you catch condo building moisture intrusion problems early enough, the repairs can be manageable. We have the experience and expertise to save you time and money.

moisture intrusion assessment in office

commercial building moisture intrusion assessment

Commercial construction can have moisture issues just like residential buildings can. And, like all buildings, commercial building moisture intrusion issues can be hard to see until it’s too late.

Many commercial buildings are subdivided and leased to tenants. Because of this, commercial building managers have more challenges with moisture intrusion. Your building maintenance staff may not know how to detect water issues in a commercial building. Your tenants may not see evidence of water leaks like a trained moisture intrusion engineer can.

ESS is dedicated to helping building managers with building integrity issues. Don’t worry if you or your staff aren’t moisture intrusion experts. Our practical, no-nonsense approach will help eliminate those worries. We know how to find and fix moisture issues for good.

Beat the silent enemy with a moisture intrusion assessment from Engineering Support Services.

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