Stucco & EIFS Evaluation in Chicago

Stucco inspection & EIFS Evaluation

Devastating moisture damage could be LURKING BEHIND YOUR building’s EIFS OR STUCCO.

Builders have installed Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) and stucco on exterior walls for decades. They’re  beautiful, lower-maintenance finishes that add texture without seams. Both materials can improve a building’s insulation. With proper maintenance and regular synthetic stucco inspection or EIFS evaluation, this type of cladding will last for years.

What’s the difference between EIFS cladding and stucco cladding?

Basically, EIFS is a synthetic stucco cladding material that has been installed on residential and commercial buildings nationwide since 1968. The material is typically an acrylic based coating applied over insulation board. It’s manufactured by several companies under brand names such as DRYVIT®, SENERGY® and STO®.

On the other hand, traditional stucco is a cement-based coating system applied either directly over wall sheathing or over insulation. It’s a durable product that has withstood the test of time.


When installed and maintained properly, EIFS and stucco perform well for many years. Unfortunately, when they crack or deteriorate, problems can occur without your knowledge. Water finds its way into the smallest opening. Before you know it, structural damage and mold growth are brewing without showing any visible signs. By the time you see mold or rotting windows, you already have serious damage. The best way to prevent this devastation is with a routine EIFS evaluation or synthetic stucco inspection.

The ESS team includes the country’s leading experts in EIFS evaluation and stucco inspection. Superior technology, the most up-to-date tools and our deep expertise make ESS the Southwest’s go-to engineering firm for evaluating EIFS and synthetic stucco cladding.

DRYVIT issues

Some older types of EIFS cladding did not drain moisture properly. As a result, buildings can have moisture intrusion issues. Symptoms include mold, cracking paint and delaminating of the EIFS. Over the years, some building owners have filed successful claims to recover the cost of repair or replacement. If you file such a claim, you will need to have your EIFS evaluated by a certified claims inspector. Moisture Warranty Company has certified our staff to conduct inspections for DRYVIT® claims.


If you’re concerned about hidden moisture problems or other damage behind the cladding on your property, ESS can help.

Our EIFS and stucco inspection process includes:

  • One of our top-notch EIFS experts or stucco experts will conduct a visual inspection of the building. He’ll look for obvious signs of moisture intrusion and other damage.
  • Next, he’ll use our high-tech instruments to perform a surface scan of your exterior walls. These instruments are designed to detect even small amounts of moisture in the wall.
  • Then, he’ll use probing tools to measure actual moisture in any area that seems like it might be at risk.

After the evaluation is complete, our staff prepares a thorough report. In the report, you’ll see a description of any issues along with recommendations for fixing them. Although our team and equipment are technologically advanced, our reports don’t sound like techie mumbo-jumbo. In fact, our reports are user-friendly and free of jargon. You, your contractor and any stakeholders can easily understand our findings.


Engineering Support Services EIFS inspectors have performed more than 6,000 highly-detailed assessments of EIFS and stucco buildings. We’re certified by the Exterior Design Institute to perform independent, third-party EIFS inspections. Our experience and expertise mean you can make complicated decisions about your building’s cladding with confidence.

Residential EIFS evaluation Phoenix

single-family home stucco evaluation & eifs evaluation

Weather in the Southwest is not kind to any type of building siding. Stucco and EIFS are no exception. If your home is clad in one of these materials, you may have hidden structural damage. The only way to know for sure is with an expert home EIFS inspection or stucco inspection.

ESS residential EIFS and stucco inspectors are the best in the business. When you work with us, you’ll get the same expert service commercial building owners get.

EIFS & Stucco commercial inspection

commercial building and multi-family eifs inspection & stucco inspection

Are your commercial buildings or multi-family units clad in EIFS or stucco? If so, it’s probably time for a professional commercial building EIFS inspection. Damage can lurk unseen behind EIFS and stucco. As you know, if there’s a problem in one of your buildings, there are probably problems in all of them.

Our experienced commercial and multi-family synthetic stucco inspection team has evaluated over 6,000 buildings of all sizes. We know where the issues hide.

Diagnose your moisture problems with a stucco and EIFS evaluation from ESS.