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You need a lot of time, expertise and knowledge to complete a construction project successfully. The problem is, most building owners, managers and HOA boards don’t have construction  management experience. Even with the right experience, it’s easy to be distracted by your day-to-day responsibilities. Unfortunately, if you’re not paying attention, construction projects can easily fail.

The experienced team of engineers, architects and building experts at ESS can help you avoid construction project failures. Because we’ve worked in construction, we get it. Our combined 170+ years of experience with buildings and construction management mean we know what can go wrong. And we know how to prevent it. Whether you have a simple repair project or full-scale capital construction, the ESS team can help you through every phase of your construction project.

But managing a construction project is only one part of a successful construction job. We also understand the importance of open and honest communication with owners and managers. We’ll be in touch every step of the way – from project specs through punch list review and beyond. You will always know exactly where your project stands. You’ll know in advance when there are potential issues preventing on-time or on-budget completion.

Do you have concerns about a recently completed construction project? We can help with that, too. Get more information about our evaluation services by visiting our exterior building evaluation services page.

Specs and drawings for construction in SW and AZ

construction project specification and drawing development

Clear and realistic project specs and drawings are key to the success of any construction project. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know how clear and realistic your plans are. Ultimately, It takes strong construction management experience and expertise to know what will work and what won’t. 

Fortunately, that’s where ESS can help. Because our team has worked in construction, we know how to develop drawings and plans that work. We know what contractors need. And we know how to specify materials you can afford. 

Make your next construction project a breeze with construction drawings and specifications from ESS. 

selecting contractors for construction projects in AZ

construction project contractor selection process

Construction and renovation projects usually involve several contractors. The challenge is finding the right contractors for YOUR project. It’s a long, involved process. First, you research available contractors. Next, you get bid information to each one. Then, assuming you have all the bids, you have to evaluate them against each other. And, finally, you make your selection.

Because our team has boots on the ground construction experience, we know how to find and evaluate contractors. We do it quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. 

Let ESS help you select your construction project contractors with confidence.  

construction management services AZ and southwest

construction project management services

There are a million ways a construction project can go wrong. Even the best contractors miss details. You need to monitor the project constantly if you want it completed on-time and on-budget. Unfortunately, most building owners and managers don’t have that kind of time. As a result, most unmonitored projects  fail. 

ESS can help prevent construction project failure. Our experienced construction management staff knows where construction projects can fall apart. What’s more, we know how to prevent failure before it happens. Most importantly, we know how to keep you in the loop, so you’re aware of project status at all times.

Complete construction projects successfully. Let ESS be your eyes and ears on the construction site. 

Types of Construction Projects We Support

condo and townhome project monitoring


Building condominiums and townhomes is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot involved. From zoning to clearing the punch list, there are hundreds of things that can go wrong.

Engineering Support Services began as a support firm for condo and townhome communities. That means we know our stuff. Additionally, our team has real life construction experience. As a result, we know what can go wrong and what to do about it.

Whether your condo construction project is a renovation or building from the ground-up, ESS has the construction management skills you need to make it through. First, we’ll develop the condo building drawings, specs and plans you need to start off right. Next, we’ll help you find the best contractors and make sure their bids are realistic. And, finally, we’ll monitor the project to make sure you get what you’re paying for.

Get peace of mind with end-to-end condo and townhome construction management support from ESS.


Commercial Construction AZ

commercial building CONSTRUCTION

Commercial building projects come in many shapes and sizes. Each type of project has its own quirks and pitfalls. For example, it takes a completely different set of construction management skills to build an office building than it does to build a manufacturing plant.

The team at ESS has the skills to manage all types of commercial construction projects. Our licensed architects and engineers know exactly what clear, realistic commercial construction project plans should look like. Our construction managers know exactly how to monitor commercial building projects to ensure they’re completed on-time and on-budget. That’s because we have worked hands-on in all types of commercial construction.

Beyond technical skills, successful construction project management requires constant and thorough communication. That’s especially true for commercial projects because they’re so complex. When you work with ESS, you’ll always know the real status of your commercial project. If something’s not right, you’ll know it and you’ll know what it will take to fix it.


building renovation Phoenix


Repair and renovation projects require the same level of attention to detail as full-scale capital construction projects. Unfortunately, building owners and managers can’t always be on site, especially for smaller projects. And that’s where things start to go wrong.

Fortunately, Engineering Support Services has the time and the skills to manage your repair or renovation project. We’ll be your eyes and ears on the project – no matter how large or small. First, we’ll make sure you have clear, realistic plans and that the right materials are specified. Then, we’ll manage the bid process for you. Finally, we’ll be there all the way to the end to make sure everything is done according to code and spec.

Renovation projects don’t have to be a pain. Construction management services from ESS can be the solution. 

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