Real Life Building Engineering Support for Commercial and Residential buildings in the  SOUTHWEST

Building engineering support can be a lifesaver to owners and managers. HOA boards need to rely on professional condo building engineering support to manage projects. Do you manage office buildings? Then you know commercial building engineering support can be essential to keeping tenants safe and buildings sound. Even homeowners can benefit from residential building engineering help.

Where do you find the best engineering company for your building?

It’s easy to feel like Goldilocks in the fairy tale. Some engineering firms are too big and impersonal. And others are too small. They lack the experience you need. You have to find the engineering firm that fits you “just right.”

The best building engineering company is one that focuses on you and your buildings. At Engineering Support Services, we make your success our mission. That starts with understanding the situation first-hand. To do this, we visit the site in-person whenever possible. We build detailed knowledge of your project BEFORE we send a proposal. That way you can rest assured the solutions and budget will be on-target.

We know the value of real-life experience.

The staff at ESS has more than 170 years of combined experience in construction, condo management and building engineering support. That means we know what it takes to develop solutions that work long-term. Our reports are straightforward, easy to understand and based on reality. You’ll avoid unnecessary delays, cost overruns and oversights. That’s because our recommendations are based on a deep understanding of the project and the process.

Client relationships matter to Engineering Support Services.

Another important part of our mission is building lasting relationships with our clients. One way we do that is through open and clear communication from proposal through project completion. Even after the project is complete, we continue our commitment to you. Your success is our success.

Our Building Engineering Support Services

Condo building exterior evaluation

Exterior Building Evaluation Services

No matter their age, all buildings can have hidden integrity issues. It takes an in-depth understanding of building systems to find them. If you’re buying an office building, you need commercial property condition assessment to make a good decision. HOAs can avoid surprise moisture issues with a condo exterior evaluation. Maybe it’s time for an exterior evaluation of your commercial property.

Our experienced engineers, architects and staff know how to find and fix building integrity issues. We understand the importance of open and honest communication. And we know how to write reports that make sense. With an exterior building evaluation report from ESS, you’ll know exactly what’s wrong and what you can do about it. 

Engineering Support Services specializes in these types of exterior building evaluation in the Phoenix area and beyond.

Construction Management Services AZ

Construction Management Services

Do you own or manage a building? Chances are you’ll need to manage a construction project. Whether it’s a repair project or building from the ground up, each project has a million ways things can go wrong.

When it comes to building projects, real-life construction experience means a lot. Engineering Support Services team members have worked in construction. We know what to expect from construction projects. We know how to spot deficiencies. Details count, and we know it. Above all, we know that follow up and follow through are keys to completing construction projects successfully.

Our Phoenix-based engineers, architects and project managers are ready to help in all construction phases. Look to Engineering Support Services for expertise in these building construction phases.

What makes Engineering Support Services different from other Arizona engineering firms?

We don’t surprise our clients. ESS won’t miss milestones or deadlines. We deliver projected results without cost overruns.

Our time and cost estimates are accurate. That’s  because we make sure we understand a project completely  BEFORE we write a proposal.

We attend more training and seminars than our certifications require.

We keep up to date on codes, regulations and the most modern methodologies. That means our clients and their staff don’t have to.

Our team has hands-on construction experience. As a result, our recommendations are practical and cost-effective to implement.

We write our reports and other communication using everyday terms. You won’t find esoteric, technical jargon.

We won’t design something that contractors can’t install or implement.

Condo & Townhome engineering support

condo building support

Condo and townhome managers wear a lot of hats. Homeowners Association board members do, too. From roofing to foundation, buildings are full of surprises. And you have to have a grasp on all of them.

ESS knows the townhome and condo management business because we’ve done it. We understand how to navigate between ownership, management, boards and residents. As longtime active members of Community Associations Institute, we stay up to date on the issues that concern you.

We make sure everyone understands our recommendations before we move forward. Our building exterior evaluation reports are clear and straightforward. From experienced contractors to new HOA board members, everyone understands what they’re reading.

If you’re concerned about building integrity or starting a renovation, count on ESS. We have the expert townhome and condo engineering support you need.

Commercial building engineering support SW

commercial building support

Commercial buildings in the Southwest come in many shapes, sizes and ages. Do you manage commercial or office buildings? Then you know how to juggle tenants, building issues and maintenance.

Our engineers and architects can help you manage your commercial building integrity issues. They’ll perform the right assessments to determine whether your buildings are safe and sound. If they find issues, they’ll develop recommendations for fixing them.

Are you starting new commercial construction? The ESS staff has the real-life construction experience you need to monitor the project successfully.

Whatever commercial structure you have, ESS has the experience and expertise to help you manage building integrity and building construction.

Residential engineering support S!|W

residential building engineering help

Most engineering firms would rather work on commercial building integrity and construction projects. Not ESS. We love using our real-life experience to help homeowners.

Is your house clad in synthetic stucco or exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS)? Engineering Support Services specializes in stucco inspection and EIFS evaluation for single-family homes. Our experienced team will inspect your home for hidden damage. Then, they’ll give you an easy to understand report with repair recommendations.

Desert weather is not kind to decks. Is your home’s deck safe and structurally sound? A deck assessment from  our NADRA certified inspectors will let you know where the issues are and recommend ways to fix them.

Planning an addition or big residential remodeling project? The experienced architects at ESS can help ensure your project is structurally sound. We’ll work with your contractor to make sure the design and drawings are complete and up to code.

Are you ready for real life solutions to your building engineering support issues?

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