EIFS evaluation & stucco evaluation for Single-Family homes

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential EIFS evaluation & Stucco Inspection

If you have a home clad in natural stucco or synthetic stucco, you probably love the way it looks and the insulation it adds. The problem is that this type of siding can be harboring issues you can’t see. That’s why residential EIFS evaluation and residential stucco inspection are important.

What are EIFS and Stucco? How can I tell which one is on my house?

Stucco is a siding that has been used for centuries. It involves coating your exterior walls with a cement-like material. It’s extremely strong because you’re essentially covering your home in a layer of rock. Because it’s porous, it allows moisture to move both in and out.

Exterior Insulation and Finish System, or EIFS, is actually synthetic stucco. It looks almost like natural stucco, but it’s made from different material. Some versions of EIFS are moisture barriers. That is, they don’t allow moisture in or out. The problem is, if moisture somehow finds its way behind the cladding, it stays there causing mold and rot.

So, how do you know whether your home is clad in EIFS or clad in stucco? First, try knocking on an exterior clad wall. If it feels hollow, you probably have EIFS cladding. If it feels like you’re knocking on rock, you probably have natural stucco. Still not sure? ESS synthetic stucco inspectors can determine your exterior cladding system with a quick look. 

How do I know if I need a residential EIFS inspection?

If you read the last question, you’re probably worried that your stucco or EIFS is leaking. Understand one thing – ALL siding leaks. It’s what happens to the moisture once it gets behind the cladding that’s important. If your EIFS or stucco was installed properly, there’s a way for the moisture to drain or dry faster than it comes in. Even if it’s installed properly, most EIFS will have issues over time. The problem is, you probably won’t see any evidence of it until the damage is significant. Your best bet is regular residential synthetic stucco inspection from ESS EIFS inspectors.

That said, here are a few signs of leaking EIFS or stucco:

  • Mold, mildew or rust stains on the exterior siding or interior drywall
  • Dark areas near the bottom of the EIFS cladding
  •  Missing flashing
  • Cracked or bulging EIFS or stucco
  • Insect or rodent infestation
  • Rotting exterior window or door frames

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Why should I work with ESS?

An experienced EIFS inspector or stucco inspector knows where to look for cladding issues. The ESS team has performed more than 6,000 inspections including hundreds of residential EIFS evaluations and stucco inspections. We’re certified by the Exterior Design Institute to perform independent, third-party EIFS inspections. What’s more, when you work with us you’ll get the same quality and expertise commercial property owners expect. That’s because we’re experts in commercial EIFS inspection, too.

If our residential EIFS evaluation or residential synthetic stucco inspection finds issues, you can count on us to help. Our construction management team knows the right contractors in your area to fix the problem. We can complete the specs and drawings and monitor the project to make sure everything is done right.

What can I expect from a residential EIFS inspection from ESS?

Here’s an overview of what happens during a residential synthetic stucco inspection or EIFS inspection with ESS.

  • One of our top-notch EIFS experts or stucco experts will conduct a visual inspection of the building. He’ll look for obvious signs of damage.
  •  Next, he’ll use our high-tech instruments to perform a surface scan of your exterior walls. This scan is the first step in determining whether there is any moisture stuck behind your EIFS or stucco.
  • If he finds areas of concern, he’ll use probing tools to measure actual moisture behind the façade.

After the evaluation is complete, our staff will prepare a customized report. In the report, you’ll see a description of any issues along with our recommendations for fixing them. Our team and equipment are technologically advanced, but our reports aren’t full of technical jargon. In fact, our reports are user-friendly and straightforward. You’ll understand where your issues lie and what it will take to fix them. 

Make sure your home is safe and sound with a residential EIFS evaluation or stucco evaluation from ESS.