construction specifications and drawings

Construction Specifications and Drawings

The First Step in Building Projects is the Most Crucial.

Having clear and realistic construction specifications and drawings for your building, renovation or repair project is key to its long-term success. The right specs and drawings will guide you through the contractor selection and construction phases with confidence.

But, here’s the challenge. Most construction engineers, architects and drafting professionals have never worked on a building project. They may have been at the top of their class. But in most cases, all they know comes from school. The ESS team is different. We have over 170 years of combined experience in the construction and building management fields. And that time wasn’t all spent sitting behind a desk. We’ve got boots-on-the-ground construction experience. 

The Value of Real-World Construction Experience

We know what it takes to build solid specs and drawings for building projects because we’ve done construction ourselves. We’ve worked with drawings and specifications in actual construction projects. Because of that, we know what contractors need. Our no-nonsense specifications and drawings are clear and complete. They’re easy for contractors to follow. And, when it comes to managing the project, our specs and drawings provide a roadmap for our construction project managers to hold contractors accountable.

Even if you have practical, easy to follow drawings, you’re not guaranteed project success. Our experienced team knows how to specify the right materials for your project. We won’t recommend hard-to-find materials. The products in our specifications will give you the best balance between quality and cost. Contractor pricing will be more accurate.

When ESS produces your construction or repair project drawings and specs, you’ll know you’re set up for success. Our engineers and architects prepare all the specifications and drawings you need to ensure a fair and efficient competitive bidding process. Once you’ve selected your contractors using our specs and drawings, you’ll be confident that your project will come in on time and on budget. 

capital project drawings and specifications

capital project specifications and drawings

Capital building projects usually have a long, detailed approval process. There is often a study phase, during which the concept is tested for feasibility. Then, there are authorization and approval phases. That’s when stakeholders decide whether the design and cost are going to work. Next, the team confirms contractors before work begins.

Once the building is complete, project managers and owners navigate punch lists and give final approval. The whole capital building process can take years to complete.

The ESS team knows how to make a capital building project run smoothly. First, our initial specs and drawings are clear and easy to understand. They’ll make it more likely that your project will pass through approval phases because everyone involved will know what to expect. Once construction begins, our capital project specifications and drawings team will be there. Our understanding of the project will make change orders and updates easy to execute.

Ensure success with practical, realistic capital project specifications and drawings from ESS.

repair project drawings and specifications

any Repair Project Specifications and Drawings

If you have a repair or renovation project, we’re here to help. Even the smallest project requires solid specifications to be successful. Renovation and repair project specifications and drawings are tricky to get right. You have to understand a lot about the original structure and drawings. A hands-on approach by someone with construction experience makes success more likely.

The ESS team has that experience and expertise. Our renovation and repair project specifications and drawings are practical. That’s because we understand the WHOLE structure before drawing specs and plans. When possible, we’ll visit the project site before we do any drawings and specifications. That means we have the whole picture. We’ll design and spec something that will work long-term.

Get practical, functional renovation and repair project specifications. Work with a team with real construction experience. Work with ESS. 

Ensure your project’s success with specifications and drawings from ESS.

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